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As the months becoming warmer, many people head outside to do some do it yourself gardening and remodeling projects. One popular outdoor endeavor is to redesign the landscaping in your home. Easily increase the curb appeal of your home by adding tall shrubs or flower beds to your landscaping plans. Choose from among bushes, hedges, and other plants that are most popular in 2016, to keep your exterior design up to date with the latest trends. There are countless options when it comes to plants to make your exterior special and gorgeous. You don’t need to be a professional green thumb to be able to design a beautiful landscape plan for your home. Our site offers you some ideas on the best types of shrubs and bushes for landscaping to help you create your very own outdoor oasis.


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A great way to find gorgeous backyard landscape designs is to look online through pictures of shrubs and bushes and other plants. Here you can find all kinds of popular types of shrubs and landscaping plants. Online shrub photos can give you inspiration on what kinds of plants work best with different climates and designs. You can even learn some great gardening tips and tricks such as how to trim bushes and shrubs and the best types of soil to use for specific plants. While searching through photos of shrubs and bushes for landscaping, you can also discover the best locations to get plants cheap. If you shop at an online plant nursery you can find some great deals on trees and bushes in bulk. You can also find great plants for sale at discounted prices when you shop at your local tree nursery off season. This will be the best time to purchase shrubs and bushes at really low prices.


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From flowering shrubs to fast growing trees, you have a lot of options to choose from when planning your exterior design. All types of holly bushes are a wonderful shrubbery to incorporate into your front yard landscaping plan. These bushes keep their lush green color year round and grow well in any climate. If you would like to add a splash of color to your backyard design, plant viburnum shrubs along your house. These low growing shrubs produce beautiful white and red flowers that can look amazing around any home. Another great bush to plant in your backyard is the boxwood. Some of the best boxwood shrubs for your landscaping plan include the Wedding Ring, Green Mountain, and Wintergreen boxwoods. These are brilliant green bushes that are extremely low maintenance and look wonderful in any home. Line your sidewalks and pathways with dwarf boxwoods to make for a stunning entranceway to your house while also surrounding popular flower garden ideas.


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If you are looking to design your exterior plans at a low cost budget, one way to cut down on spending is to make it a do it yourself project. Instead of spending extra money hiring professional landscapers, download some free landscape design software to create your own plans. This program can allow you to professional plan your very own outdoor oasis, without the added cost of hiring people. In this software you can find almost any type of plant to incorporate into your design. From a burning bush shrub to the mock orange shrubbery, these programs are packed with a wide variety of plants. You can also find some pre-loaded design plans in some software programs to give you inspiration on large or small yard landscaping ideas. Bushes and shrubs are an excellent addition to any outdoor design plan and can add beauty to any home.


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