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Have you ever dreamt about redesigning your home with new floor plans but are hesitant to move forward because of the high costs? Until recently, you needed to hire an interior design specialists and professional architects to create simple floor plans for your home and provide trending design styles to match your desired decor. Now with free floor plan creator apps online, you can easily design your own blue prints and visualize the end result with 2D and 3D models of every room in the house. Many of these state of the art room design apps are free for personal use with a very easy learning curve and in just days you can have your home entirely remodeled and decorated with blueprints to provide your contractors. These apps will also offer a large variety of ideas, color patters and name brand furniture to help you with the finishing touches before sharing a 3D model with your clients, contractors, friends and family to help them easily visualize the end result. Here are the top 5 free floor plan creator apps that we recommend to build easy online 3D room designs.

With over 25 million registered users, Floorplanner is one of the most popular and free floor plan creator tools used and our favorite for being simple to use and easily available. This app is a browser based online design tool and does not require any downloading as software to a laptop or app to your smart phone and tablet. Since the software is hosted online in the cloud, you can design and share your work from any device with an internet browser connection. Their online hosted software is amazing for sharing your designs easily with anyone by not requiring them to also have the Floorplanner program for viewing. The floor plan creator app allows you to quickly draw 2D plans and finalize the design in 3D with over 150,000 interior decorating options. If you already have blueprints of your home or future plans you can upload them and the interior design app will translate the dimensions online and replicate your home in just a matter of seconds. This software has been free for personal use since 2007 and continues to grow with new features and decorating options.

Roomstyler 3D planner is another easy to use browser based floorplan creator tool that is free online. This app is also run by Floorplanner after being acquired recently and runs on a different site with different features. This 3D planning app works on all devices that have an internet browser. You can either draw a room with your plans or choose from a long list of predesigned templates to help you get started with ideas that are popular among their professionals and community. Once you are done building your 2D floorplans, the app lets you easily decorate your design with colors, furniture, flooring materials and popular interior decorating items linked from name brand web sites. This is becoming one of the best room design apps available for free with its newest template uploads full of trending design styles keeping your up to speed on design styles that are trending in addition to its immense catalogue of over 120,000 items from popular interior decorating brands.



Our interior design specialists have been big fans of Planner 5D for years because of its easy-to-use interface allowing the most novice of home owners to create simple visual room layouts with the tiniest of learning curves. You can literally skip their tutorials and jump right in creating your floor plan and 3D model. This free home design software gets its 5D name from combining 2D floor plan layouts with 3D virtual room designs. Included is over 5,000 items to easily add to your house model including a user generated library of decor, appliances and furniture. Planner 5D is not browser based like our first two recommended floor plan creator apps, but it is available or all devices from tablets to laptops. A unique feature of this 3D home design app is its HD visualizer that lets you take snapshots of your design to capture the realistic imagery with shadows, lighting effects and rich colors to share with others and demonstrate the end result from a realistic view.

Another amazing free home design app is Sweet Home 3D, a photo realistic design app that creates extremely precise 2D floorplans that you can later turn into 3D and fill with furniture and decor. You can customize lighting beyond what most free apps can do including interior fixtures and sunlight. This unique feature gives you the ability to see what your house will look like during different times of day and coupled with the cutting edge photo realistic art you will feel as if you are looking at photo graphs from your smart phone. The free app takes pride in its ability to easily draw with your mouse round, straight and sloping walls with accurate measurements. You can also use the mouse to effortlessly drag and drop doors and windows into your floorplan and let the 2D software compute their holes in walls. The app includes a massive catalog that is organized by many categories including room name, styles and colors. It amazes us this free home design software app is entirely free and is constantly being updated with new features and catalog additions.

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