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FloorPlanner is a free browser-based online interior design app for both beginner home owners and advanced professionals due to its vast array of easy programming options from planning a single room, to an entire floor and even the building itself. This revolutionary software helps you plan what types of furniture colors, styles and brands to put in your drawing as well as customize your own unique designs. We found this interior design app to be very easy to use and intuitive on your remodeling needs and enjoyed going through its numerous customization options. Download this software and immediately start drawing accurate 2D floor plans within minutes and decorate your design with over 150,000 furniture, appliance and items. When you are done, simply click the 3D button and watch the room get rendered to a realistic three-dimensional project. This floor plan creator app can be free and accomplish most of your goals without spending a dime but there are some limitations. Once you get used to the free version you can easily purchase upgraded options for businesses and professionals.


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HomeByMe is one of the most popular interior design apps in 2023 due to its huge community of users sharing ideas, images and drawings helping you draw amazing 3D models of your home. We found this app to be one of the easiest 3D home planners with its capability to import 2D floor plans and transforming them into precise measurements before enhancing the design in 3D. Move throughout your 3D model virtually as an avatar and be amazed by their 360-degree views with high-tech lighting effects to make you feel like you are in the room walking around. HomeByMe has a staff of interior designers available to help you with your project. Just share your plans with them and they will create a 3D model for you with additional brain storming ideas leaving you the fun part of decorating. The software includes a huge library of choice materials, coverings, appliances, decorations, cabinets and equipment making it very popular as a kitchen design app. Once your 2D floor plan is complete and rendered into 3D, choose from a large catalog of 3D branded products, furniture and decorations that not only make the room gorgeous, but help you plan your budget accordingly.

Magicplan is one of the most widespread interior design apps amongst professionals including contractors and architects with its ability to create and share floor plans, field reports and estimates. This could easily pay for itself if you are designing for a business, but also offers free projects for novice users. The software focusses on seamlessly helping contractors work multiple jobs, tasks and projects with accuracy and speed letting them spend less time behind the desk and more time in front of their clients with its online reporting and estimating tools. Magicplan fully incorporates a unified workflow through three key phases including pre-sales process, project management and post-completion. We found this 2023 home design software to be one of the best apps for demanding creatives and contractors as well as tech-savvy homeowners. Just like HomeByMe, this room design app has the capability to work from a web-brower, tablets and smart phones as it is compatible with MAC, PC, Android and iOS. The most unique feature of this design app is their AR-enabled camera scanning tool which lets you upload a picture or use a smartphone to take a picture and augment it into 2D and 3D plans.

Cedreo is an online interior design app ideal for professional home builders, remodelers, architects, home designers and interior designers. But we also think this is a great solution for DIY homeowners alike to easily create 2D floor plans and graphically enhanced 3D models. The app includes a plentiful library of photo realistic images to easily drag and drop into your interior design such as 3D furniture, materials, cabinetry, appliances, doors, windows and decorations. Interior designers love this app as they can easily share their drawings and designs with perspective clients through the cloud based sharing system or live with any device. Cedreo takes pride in how fast and easy their home design software is to use and we were actually able to draw a complete home in less than 2 hours. Their target market is professionals and contracts as they help them close sales, reduce costs and increase the sale of the home. This interior design app will be very popular in 2023 as a powerful sales tool for housing professionals.

Interior Design App


Roomeon is another powerful real-time interior design app that is quickly growing in popularity for 2023 with its unique 3D software features of rotating functionality. The mechanics have three camera viewing approaches showing through the eyes of a person, free camera angle and satellite camera. This app is fairly easy to use and can have you planning, designing and building any room in the house quicker than most of its competitors. Like other 3D apps, Roomeon includes special lighting effects to simulate the sun and indoor fixture during different times of the day to give you a realistic feel to your home design. They have partnerships with Ikea and Claude Monet to easily import real furniture and decorations to your interior design plan and accurately budget the costs related. Roomeon is a free home design software app for personal use and an excellent start for some new to floor plans and 3D designs.

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