Composite decking offers a wide variety of composite timber building materials made to withstand high traffic from friends, family, and pets, as well harsh climates, strong winds, and the heat of the sun. Among popular products are the synthetic wood deck tiles which interlock with each other to be easily laid down on top of an existing floor, for a durable but not quite as permanent solution. This interlocking system is called a tongue and groove mechanism and allows you to create a somewhat raised timber decking system free of nails and other fasteners. Moreover, this company offers their wood tech deck materials and products in a wide variety of color options so it is easy to find one that matches your designs.

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Some of the top deck colors sold by TimberTech include traditional brown stains in mahogany, cedar, and oak finishes, and was actually the first manufacturer to offer a line of products in black! With these different options in colors you will not know where to start when creating your artificial timber decking ideas and designs! Of course no backyard landscape designs are complete without lighting systems and outdoor furniture, which is why TimberTech strives to provide its customers with a range of products for use in their outside living spaces. In addition to composite wood decking, this company offers other products such as railings, drainage systems, and even lighting systems specifically designed for use outdoors.


Plus this company offers their products at reasonable prices so you can buy Timber Tech products without draining your bank account. Timber Tech’s patented lighting system is made to be installed on porch railings and steps to enhance and illuminate the beauty of their synthetic wood flooring, plus allow homeowners to safely utilize their decks at night. Additionally, similar to the brand-name Veranda decking which offers a warranty and stain guard on all of their products, Timber Tech offers similar features to help ensure that homeowners will be satisfied with their new porch for years to come. Although there are many pros to using synthetic deck wood flooring outside your home, there are a few cons that should also be discussed, one of which is the price.


Wood decking prices tend to be slightly lower than that of composite textiles because they are more readily available and can usually be installed on your own or with the help of a contractor. Some of the more popular natural woods such as oak, redwood, or cedar decking will range in price from $4-6 per square foot for building supplies and installation, while the cost of Timber Tech is closer to $7-9 per square foot. However in 2016 composite deck designs are more popular because natural wood requires a stain, sealant, and constant maintenance to prevent warping and insect damage, you may end up spending the same amount in additional cleaning and maintenance produces as you would with the composite textile. Therefore the question of whether or not it is more worth while to invest in the higher synthetic timber decking prices will depend on the homeowner and how much time they wish to put into caring for their outdoor space.


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