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When building beautiful decks and patios in your backyards, a great way to add some color and splendor to the design is to add landscape. No matter what size porch you have, there are countless patio landscaping designs to choose from to make your exterior look amazing. Instead of hiring professional landscapers, you can cut down on your spending costs by making it a diy project. Choose between potted plants on the porch or planting trees and flowers along the edges of the property. Landscaping around a patio can be a great way to add color to your home with beautiful plants and flowers. Our site offers you some of the top 2016 patio landscaping ideas and pictures so that you can find inspiration for the best design plans.


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Before you begin on your do it yourself landscaping project, you will want to first decide on a design plan. A great way to find ideas is to search through our patio landscaping photos to see what is popular.  Our pictures of backyard patios will give you wonderful ideas on popular designs of 2016 so that you can keep your home up to date with the latest trends. in addition to looking images of the popular 2016 patio landscaping plans, a great diy tool to use is online design programs. Download some free landscape design software to help you create the best layout and plans for your home. These programs allow you to be a professional patio landscape designer, without having to spend any extra money. Use this software to help you determine an exact plan for your backyard patios, so you can quickly get started on your planting.


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Depending on the material that your patio is build out of, you may consider incorporating hardscaping into your design. This is great for brick or concrete patio ideas because it will allow you to continue the use of the stone materials throughout the design. hardscape design adds a unique touch to your home because it makes use of brick, stone, or rock materials throughout the space. This is also nice because using patio paving stones throughout your yard and design will prevent areas of mud if your yard is prone to flooding. Hardscape design is also great for homes that have smaller backyards that are not large enough for an assortment of plants, flowers, and trees. Search through our photos of landscaping stone ideas to find inspiration for beautiful hardscape design plans.


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Some other great patio landscaping ideas for the backyard include planting flower gardens along the edges of your porch or deck. These can add a splash of color to the space and be very easy to maintain and handle. Small yard landscaping ideas include planting little bushes or trees along the edges of your yard or in the corners to add plants without taking up the entire area. for little yards, you will want to make sure not to plant large trees or flowers that will over crowd the space, opt for dwarf versions of your favorite trees so that you can get the beautiful look of the plant in a miniature form. No matter what size or style home you have, our site can offer you some of the best photos and plans of backyard landscaping ideas so that you can create the outdoor oasis you have always dreamt of.


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