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Retaining wall blocks are popular landscaping structures that are designed to hold and contain soil in uneven land. In addition to restraining soil, retaining walls are often used to add additional d├ęcor to otherwise bland front and back yards. Pictures of retaining walls show them used for a variety of outdoor landscaping designs including gardens, fire pits, and fencing structures. If you are considering adding one of these structures to your property, make sure to choose the best retaining wall design that will fit your yard. The top 2016 retaining wall ideas for landscaping use wood, stacked bricks or stone, and interlocking blocks of concrete to increase usable yard space. Continue reading for more information on design, building materials, pricing and tips on how to build a retaining wall for your home.


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The first decision to make when building a retaining wall is what design you would like to create with this structure. Simple landscaping ideas for yards with large slopes include creating a garden barrier to contain plants and soil for a flowerbed and constructing a fence at the bottom of the hill to expand the flat yard space and hold back the soil of the slope. Cinder block and brick retaining walls are commonly used when expanding flat yard space because they are more sturdy and durable to hold back soil and gravel. The best garden designs and pictures that use a retaining wall make use of natural stones to create a man-made perimeter around the plot. Photos of 2016 retaining wall designs show keystone interlocking blocks as the trendiest material for retaining wall construction.


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Remember that the design of your retaining wall will be different for a front yard than it will for a back yard. Most homeowners prefer their front yards to be open, allowing their house to be viewed easily from the street. Front yard landscape ideas that make use of retaining walls often cut off the slop of the hill at the side walk, creating a type of fence into the yard. This not only keeps the yard open, but also prevents animals and people from walking along the front yard. With backyard landscape design ideas, on the other hand, have more options when it comes to retaining wall layouts. Your backyard is your own personal sanctuary that can be private or kept out in the open. The most popular 2016 backyard landscape designs use retaining walls to create a layered yard that not only provides you with more space, but helps to create an outdoor sanctuary equipped for entertaining friends and family.


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The cost to build a retaining wall block will depend on the material used, size, and installation process. You will save the most money by making this a diy project and installing the wall on your own. Landscaping with stones is an easy process because the blocks easily stack into an even layer and stay in place. If you interlock the stones and blocks, you will create the most support for your wall and decrease the cost because construction adhesive will only need to be applied to the top layer. Concrete wall blocks are the cheapest and easiest material to use because of their size and the cost of this material. Concrete tends to provide you with large wall blocks that can be stacked to create a bigger partition using half as many individual blocks as pavestone. Just like with the best patio pavers, pavestone will add a beautiful design to your yard.


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