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Cheap and easy landscaping ideas in 2016 are trending towards low-maintenance, minimalist layouts that are surprisingly simple to replicate. For example, a modern zen garden featuring a few boulders and drought-tolerant plants strategically placed throughout a raked sand bed can provide a tranquil oasis for relaxing with the added bonus of reducing your water bills. If you prefer more color, consider using potted plants and flowers in a hanging fence garden in lieu of extensive in-ground planting. Ultimately, the cheapest landscape design ideas are those that will be easy to grow and maintain in your local climate while complementing your exterior décor. For more inspiration, look through our online gallery of landscaping photos.


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Our photo gallery is filled with cheap and easy landscaping pictures featuring the latest ideas and trends that you can use to create an amazing backyard landscape designs. Whether you favor colorful flower garden with free-form planting layouts or a more modern design featuring structured hedges and trees with minimal pops of color, you don’t have to be a professional landscape designer to bring your vision to life. You’ll find many useful tips for do it yourself projects throughout our site and you can also try out our free landscape design software that can show you how to plan your own diy landscape design. Look through photos of other garden hacks for more creative ideas to enhance your landscape design and put your own personal signature on it.


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As your browse through our garden designs and pictures, you'll see they are both beautiful, functional and rank as one of the top rated features of any residential property and can be very inexpensive to plan. Your home landscape is an extension of your interior decorating scheme and lends character to your home. Modern exteriors are trending toward individuality, so whether you prefer classic vintage décor or a more contemporary style you can browse through our online photo gallery to find cheap landscaping ideas with a custom design scheme that works for you. Other top trends to save money on a landscaping budget include recycling to reduce waste. As we demonstrate in our online photo gallery, the best landscaping design pictures include creative repurposing of existing garden elements.


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A new design trend that is most popular in 2016 is the use of lighting because it is an easy and cheap way to give your existing front yard a fresh, contemporary look without investing in a full exterior renovation. Our front yard landscaping ideas and pictures demonstrate how traditional spotlighting and uplighting and can be combined with lanterns, luminarias and even outdoor garden chandeliers to increase your home’s curb appeal by creating specific focal points throughout your yard. Browse our photo gallery for cheap and simple landscaping ideas that you can use to complement your current exterior layout. You can also take advantage of several online landscape design tools that allow you to preview and refine your ideas until you are ready to implement them in your own yard. Another popular landscaping ideas on a budget are focussed on using random items such as tires, old coffee cans, broken ceramic pots, and wooden wine boxes as planters to create a unique container garden as a focal point in your overall layout.


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