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Shrubs and bushes for landscaping define the borders of your yard are a beautiful way to boost your home’s curb appeal and increase your overall property value. Even if your house isn’t for sale, a well-planned landscape is a welcoming sight that is always appreciated by both homeowners and neighbors alike.  Landscapers often recommend juniper and holly as the most popular shrubs for landscaping but there are literally hundreds of top rated varieties to choose from. Whether you want to give your yard a quick facelift or take on an entire landscaping makeover, our photo gallery will help you get planning. Beautiful pictures of award winning landscapes that will provide inspiration for how to incorporate the top 2016 shrubs and bushes for landscaping into your own front yard and backyard design layouts.


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The most popular 2016 pictures of shrubs for landscaping focus on the use of color to brighten up your overall landscape design. Red shrubs are very popular and provide a beautiful contrast against the rest of your greenery. The burning bush shrub is often used to create dramatic focal points either to break up wide open spaces or to highlight certain areas such as the front door entryway. Another modern landscape design trend is the use of tall shrubs. These tend to work best in large backyard landscape designs not only as privacy screens, but also to create a sense of intimacy even in large sprawling yards. Browse through our collection of contemporary garden design ideas for more inspiration!


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Hedges are another one of the latest trends in cheap landscaping ideas. Boxwood is one of the best types of shrubs to use because they will grow thick but are still easy to prune. Your local plant and shrub nursery can show you how to trim your hedges, which is critical for fast growing shrubs and bushes for landscaping like the boxwood. They can also help you select the best boxwood shrubs for your location and climate. Be sure to bring in landscaping pictures of shrubs, bushes and trees that you like so you can incorporate all your favorite elements into the overall design. You can also use our online landscape design tool to preview your layout and make revisions or substitutions as needed. After all, landscaping materials aren’t cheap so it’s best to have a very clear picture of what your final layout will be before you make a major investment.


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Small yards can benefit from the best types of evergreens for landscaping where privacy can be even more of an issue. You can also use low growing shrubs and dwarf varietals to define boundaries without overwhelming the interior space. If you want to add some color to your yard or extend your home’s interior decorating scheme to the outdoors, flowering shrubs and bushes for landscaping are one of the best options for those who don’t have the space or time to maintain flower garden beds. Viburnum shrubs are one of the most popular varieties that grow in almost every climate and offer many of the benefits of flower beds including fragrant blooms and gorgeous colors. Browse through our photo gallery of small yard landscaping ideas to see more options for beautiful varieties of flowering shrubs that can be used to decorate your garden.


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