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Beautiful front yard landscape ideas are one of the most important factors that add to your home’s property value and curb appeal. In, the most popular front yard designs and pictures feature traditional garden elements combined with more contemporary hardscape designs. Be sure to check out our online photo gallery and read through our tips on how to design a front yard landscape ideas before you begin planning your layout. Even if you plan on working with a landscaper, it’s helpful to be able to identify the landscape elements that suit your personal style and preferred design plan so they can help you determine what types of landscaping services will be best suited to your plans within the budget you set.


Good landscaping companies can use trees, flower garden ideas, rocks and other natural design elements to transform even the smallest front yards into award winning landscapes. Simple layouts tend to work best, especially for smaller areas, and are easier to maintain than more complex design schemes. Browse our photo gallery of small yard landscaping ideas and take note of the front yard photos that immediately catch your eye. You can then use the same types of design elements in your own front yard landscape design. If your home needs a touch of color but you want to keep architectural elements like doors and window frames neutral, most landscapers will recommend flower beds as a beautiful way to add both color and character to your home.


Working on a budget, there are many simple landscaping ideas you can use to get the most bang for your buck. For example, front yard landscape ideas with rocks and strategically placed lighting can help you turn single trees or shrubs into dramatic focal points. It’s also an excellent way to save on your watering requirements as well as your utility bills. Japanese zen gardens are not only one of the most popular trends for landscaping, and the minimalist aesthetic will help save money as well. Take a look at our front yard landscaping ideas and pictures to get some ideas about how to work rocks, sand, wood and other natural elements into your front yard landscaping plan. Check out our pictures of front yard garden design ideas for the latest trends that use flowers in the overall design scheme.

Most people’s images of front yard landscape designs include various varieties of trees. Our photo gallery also includes pictures from several different temperature zones to give you some ideas on how to design your layout using the types of trees for landscaping that will work best for your specific geographical area and climate.  Another common feature in top rated landscape designs are large border plants that define the landscape edging. Flowering varietals provide a nice balance of color and greenery and some, like the star jasmine and lavender, have the added bonus of being pleasantly fragrant as well. Check out our pictures of front yard landscape ideas featuring the latest trends for and creative shrubs and bushes for landscaping.

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