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Composite decking is a strong, durable, and low maintenance material that increases the value of homes by adding beauty and grandeur to outdoor spaces. Made of a combination of recycled plastic fibers and solid wood, it provides the look and feel of natural lumber, at a much more reasonable price. In contrast to a traditional wooden deck which requires constant maintenance, restaining, and upkeep, composite decking retains its color and requires very little cleaning and repairing. Of all the different available materials for building a deck, this synthetic wood is by far the most cost effective as it will save you money on installation, cleaning, and replacement.


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In this article we provide you with pictures of composite decking ideas and more detailed information about the products offered by this company, installation prices and Timber Tech decking reviews to help you make an informed decision. However, when it comes to the best composite decking material on the market, TimberTech is one of the leading manufacturers. With the increase in popularity of this artificial wood textile, there has been in rise in composite decking manufacturers that offer a variety of products in this safe, durable, and eco-friendly material. Among the top of the list in most composite decking reviews are Trex, TimberTech, and Azeck which are renowned for their use of recycled woods and plastics to create “green” products.


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Trek decking buys used polyethylene in the form of plastic grocery bags and films, plus second-hand hardwood to create their products while Azech utilizes PVC piping in the manufacturing of their textiles. Most of these companies also offer different types of composite decking products ranging from tiles and planks, to railings and lights. Trex decks even sells fencing and outdoor furniture made of this durable material so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor living space for years. Plus this company offers everything you need for your composite timber deck design including professional contractors, cost estimates, a variety of colors, supplies, and a special warranty. While wood for decking looks beautiful in almost any backyard, it can often be hard to care for and maintain. However, in contrast the best wood deck ideas require sealants and re-staining to maintain their color and beauty, composite holds its color for years without needing a fresh coat.


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What is more, timbertech decking also resists mold, mildew, warping and even insect damage so you do not need spend as much time or money replacing rotting and damaged wood floors. This company offers a 25 year warranty for their engineered wood flooring that covers damage, fading and staining, which even transfers over to the next homeowner in the event that you relocate. Timbertech reviews even indicate that this company provides superior service and care as they put their customers at the highest priority for both installation and warranty assistance. With these types of features, this composite best wood for decking will help to give homeowners peace of mind as they relax in their outdoor oasis knowing that they will be covered for all types of damage.


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