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Enjoy our backyard landscape design ideas and pictures to help you get started on your new DIY makeover.  A new outdoor redesign can be the perfect do it yourself project while giving your home a new update.  While the front yard design ideas serve as your curb appeal, the backyard is where we’ll find ourselves entertaining family and guests.  In the back we can landscape design with ideas that can be hidden from neighbors.  For example, a gorgeous in ground pool with a patio fire pit and sitting wall all out of site for peace and privacy.  For this reason, your backyard landscaping ideas are a very important part of the overall home design plan.  Enjoy our landscaping photo gallery to begin getting ideas for your new backyard makeover.


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You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to make changes to your home design.  Nor do you need to dive deep into your purse as 2016 backyard landscape designs are easy to come by.  First things first with any backyard makeover is the need for privacy.  Especially if you have a small yard layout, privacy is imperative.  For a small yard makeover we recommend tall arborvitae trees giving you a wall out of site from neighbors.  Whether you plant the trees at an early age or get them full-grown, these tall privacy trees will eventually reach 15’.  Browse our online backyard photo gallery with the best small yard landscaping ideas and get more ideas of trees for landscaping.  


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With any backyard, the need to entertain guests is important.  Traditionally concrete patios were built with the possibility of a pool.  We take traditional backyard decor and layouts and revamp them to meet the popular 2016 backyard design ideas and trends.  Paver stone patios are very popular in our photo gallery often detailing in ground pools, sitting walls and veranda decking roofs.  Surrounding these simple patio design ideas we plant small trees (also known as dwarf trees) to add all the desired complimenting colors throughout the backyard.  These flowering trees for landscaping go perfectly outlining a white fence around the yard.  Bright colors like reds, green, yellows and blues add the perfect contrasting beauty.


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The most popular cheap landscaping ideas for a backyard are decks and patios.  Depending on the size and exits of your home will determine which or both is better for your yard.  Stone and paver patios are very common today and you can usually find cheap landscaping patio materials that look like something belonging in a mansion.  Surrounding your backyard with a fence is usually the first project to tackle when starting a new landscape design plan.  The most popular 2016 designs are made from all sorts of materials ranging from traditional woods and metal to new vinyl PVC fencing and decorative stone walls.  If you have a large backyard and don’t need a fence, often designers will use large trees and shrubs for landscaping to show lines of areas throughout.

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