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Landscaping designs are an important and fun aspect of any diy design project bringing beautiful curb appeal to your home.  You have a wide variety of colorful planting options from trees, flowers and bushes. This article focusses on the plentiful assortment of evergreen tree types available from small shrubs and bushes to large trees throughout your yard.  Evergreens are very popular in 2016 as they offer many advantages to your home from being a large shade plant to unique designs from dwarf trees.  These dark green plants come in many shapes and sizes and an ample amount to choose from.  Let’s find the best evergreen trees and shrubs for your home and start designing with some simple landscaping ideas.


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An evergreen is a tree, shrub, bush or plant that continues to hold its lush green foliage year round while requiring very little maintenance and water.  For these reasons, 2016 holds evergreens amongst the most popular shrubs and bushes for landscaping.  Because they are low maintenance plants, evergreens make for an excellent investement for your landscaping design plan.  Many homes utilize evergreens for small aesthetic décor by planting them in container pots on the front porch or backyard patio.  Other landscaping designed yards are drawn to the larger sized evergreens creating a tall privacy fence around small yards or shaded areas for larger backyards. These cheap landscaping ideas and DIY design options are countless when integrating evergreen trees and shrubs. 


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No matter your home decorating style, evergreens fit the landscaping design.  Whether you follow a contemporary and modern décor, or fall back to traditional and country themes, these healthy plants will fit your style.  Like all the best trees for landscaping, evergreens may seem like an overwhelming design task because of all the types available.  In addition to browsing our online landscaping photos, visiting your local tree nursery can make this project that much easier.  View the picture gallery and find the best types of evergreens for your yard and design style.  Make sure to view some of the backyard landscape designs with top rated plants including ornamental flowering breeds and dwarf evergreen trees and shrubs.  In addition to finding the best types of evergreens for your yard, you can also find other flowering designer plants and trees that complement the dark green foliage.


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Whether you're looking for backyard or front yard landscape ideas, the most popular types of evergreen trees include the ornamental viburnum and forsythia plants. These are both flowering trees producing light colors year round ranging from white to pink.  Even in the winter months with harsh climates, these ornamental trees will survive and still produce beautiful colors.  The forsythia are small evergreen trees that also bloom beautiful flowers and offer the most design aspect during the spring months.  Tall evergreen trees are become widely popular for 2016 landscaping ideas as they act as the perfect privacy fence.  Even if your town prohibits fences above 6’, you don't have to worry.  You can grow tall arborvitaes and green evergreens that will reach as much as 15’ to 20’ high.  These are perfect for small yard landscaping design ideas with a neighboring house close by peaking over their natural fence.

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