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The best trees for landscaping in 2016 are small low-maintenance varieties that work well with a wide variety of design schemes and provide a strong foundation for your backyard. Our online photo gallery is filled with beautiful pictures of trees bushes and shrubs, but keep in mind that the best options  will be those that not only appeal to your aesthetic preferences, but will also grow easily in your specific geographic location and climate. Another important consideration when choosing the best trees for landscaping is the various purposes you want them to serve. For example, if the trees will be pulling double-duty to provide both privacy as well as beauty, tall evergreen trees might be a better option than short trees or deciduous trees that will drop their leaves seasonally.


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To find the best types of evergreens for landscaping your yard, start by browsing our photos of landscaping trees. You should also visit a local tree nursery to see what varieties grow best in your area so you can learn how to design a backyard landscape that is both beautiful and practical. Juniper is one of the most popular trees for landscaping due to its versatility. Low-growing varieties work well for ground cover while medium to large varieties are perfect for hedges and privacy screens. Holly is another popular landscaping tree, but pay close attention to the different types before making a final selection as holly can be both evergreen and deciduous. If you’re looking for the best trees to create shade, either for relaxing in your backyard or to help lower your utility bills, there are several varieties of fast growing trees to choose from in almost every climate.


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One of the most popular backyard landscape designs for 2016 is the use of flower beds in the landscaping around trees. Our photo gallery features pictures of the best trees for landscaping along with a a wide range of planting layouts to suit any backyard design plan. Love flowers but don’t have time for intensive garden planning or maintenance? Consider using flowering trees for landscaping as a simple way to incorporate pops of color into your design plan. When choosing the best options for flowering trees in your area, be mindful of the various blooming seasons. By selecting different types of trees that blossom at different times of year, you can enjoy colorful flowers throughout your yard all year long. Maple trees provide some of the best choices with green, yellow, orange and red flowers, as well as a lovely range of leaf colors.


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Silver Maple, Japanese Maple and Red Maple are some of the most popular types of maple trees preferred by homeowners and recommended by landscape designers for both their fast-growing and ornamental nature. Another top trend in pictures of backyard landscaping ideas for 2016 is the use of boulders, rocks and pavers for a contemporary hardscape design. Browse through our pictures of award winning backyard landscaping layouts for inspiration and be ure to check out our professional landscaping tips on how to use these natural elements to define borders within your backyard. An online tree nursery can supply you with the best types of dwarf trees and shrubs to use in combination with these materials. Whether you want to create an intimate seating area for small gatherings or a large patio for entertaining, a tree-lined hardscape is one of the most beautiful ways to decorate your backyard and extend your home’s living space.


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