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A beautiful outdoor garden is one of the top rated features of any home. Home gardens provide an enjoyable space to gather friends and family and are an excellent way to increase the property value of your home. Our photo gallery features some of the top 2016 garden design ideas and pictures that you can use to build an inspiration board of your favorite garden design layouts and decorating schemes. Whether you prefer a classic English flower garden or a contemporary garden landscape with modern décor accents, we can show you how to design an award winning garden landscape using the latest online design tools at a fraction of the cost that professional garden designers would charge for the same type of landscape planning services.


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New to gardening, you can start with easy backyard landscape designs that feature cheap low-maintenance plants that don’t have a lot of complicated growing requirements. By implementing various tips and tricks used by professional contractors, landscapers and garden designers you can create a unique garden layout that’s easy to maintain so it will remain beautiful all year long. Start by downloading an easy online landscaping design tool and browse our picture galleries as an excellent resource for both novice gardeners as well as seasoned experts to plan an entire garden design online.  It’s best to experiment with various layouts so you can choose the design plan that will work best for the conditions of your garden before you make a significant investment of time and money in the latest outdoor trends.


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Your outdoor home design options can be overwhelming when you’re first starting out so the most important thing to remember when planning your garden landscape is that the best choices for plants and flowers will be based on what grows well in your particular area. In addition to online gardening resources, simple landscaping ideas can be found everywhere you look. Shopping malls, schools, parks and other public spaces are great sources of real-world inspiration and can give you a good indication of how to design your garden with the types of plants and flowers that are easy to grow in your geographical area and temperature zone. Keep in mind your personal preferences while searching our galleries of the best flower garden ideas and pictures to narrow down a design scheme you will enjoy that can also be easily maintained.


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Modern garden design trends for 2016 include simple gardens that are both beautiful and practical such as an edible garden bed. If you’re looking for vegetable garden ideas, start with the types of vegetables you enjoy eating the most and then find out what grows easily in your area. Next you’ll want to consider the best placement for your garden layout based on the space you have to work with and other conditions or restrictions. For example, raised bed gardens are one of the best ways to grow a garden in a small space or anywhere the soil is less than ideal. They’re also a great way to keep rabbits and other small animals from eating your vegetables, especially if you don’t have a fence!

With limited space to work with, take a look through our container gardening ideas to see how to grow fruits and vegetables in small spaces such as balconies or fire escapes. And don’t worry if you haven’t got any outdoor space to work with at all – some of the top garden trends for 2016 feature indoor gardens and miniature greenhouses for growing your own herbs. Our photo gallery includes several herb garden ideas that can be planted both indoors and outdoors so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a home garden.

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