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You don’t need to be a professional landscape designer to create an amazing backyard. In fact, the best ideas for backyard landscaping come from your own personal interests: whether you’re an avid gardener, a sports enthusiast, a barbeque master or a world-class relaxer, you can create a unique design scheme that’s both beautiful and functional. Browse through our top 2016 backyard landscape designs, ideas and pictures and bookmark the ones that appeal to you so you can refer to them throughout your planning process. Try to focus on pictures of backyards that feature the types of trees, plants and flowers that grow well in your local climate as those will reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your yard looking beautiful all year long.


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Whether you prefer a tropical paradise or a more minimalist modern design, a well-designed landscape is an excellent way to highlight the character of your home. If you’re looking for tips on how to plan your layout, it helps to think of backyard landscapes as an extension of your home. Our online gallery of backyard landscaping photos features exterior decorating schemes to complement various styles. Keep in mind that simple landscaping ideas flow easily from one part of the yard to another. Privacy is another important factor in creating a comfortable space you can retreat to, particularly if you have a small backyard. Our photo gallery is full of small yard landscaping ideas to fit outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes.


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Small backyard landscaping doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Actually, some of the most popular backyard landscaping ideas can be very easy and inexpensive. If you’re trying to develop your ideas on a budget, it’s best to start with cheap landscaping ideas and build from there. Begin your planning by defining your borders. If you don’t already have a fence, consider whether you want to add one or if you prefer to use trees, bushes shrubs and other plants to create a more natural border. The best trees for backyard landscaping tend to be evergreens, especially for smaller yards that require more privacy. However, shrubs and bushes are good alternatives for small backyard landscaping as well. Once you have your overall space defined, you can start creating smaller more intimate spaces to suit your personal needs and style.


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Patios are one of the best ways to expand your outdoor living space. The top design trends for 2016 revolve around simple patio design ideas that bring the indoors out. For example, a couple of patio loungers around a firepit with an outdoor rug and strategically placed hurricane candles provide an inviting space to gather family and friends. Strategically designed outdoor decks can become an extension of your living or family rooms, particularly if you use a similar decorating scheme. Refer to our free pictures of backyard patios for both award winning ideas as well as affordable options that can help you turn any backyard landscape design into a beautiful oasis for your home. Check out our backyard landscaping ideas to see how you can use boulders, rocks, flower garden beds and water features to create dramatic focal points and tie the various elements of your design scheme together.


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